In order to ensure availability of information resources within the organization, reliable and safe performance of services and applications, key elements of the IT infrastructure shall be consolidated in data processing centers (DPC). The state-of-the-art DPC is a complicated engineering structure, which includes not only servers and storage systems but also ensures the guaranteed power supply, backup communication channels, heat transfer, physical security and fire suppression. Designing such facilities is a difficult task, which requires high competence in all areas.

Transfer of servers to a virtualized and cloud environment has become the main tendency in development of the IT infrastructure over the last ten years. This provides for the optimal utilization of existing computation power and significantly simplifies the deployment and administration of operating systems and services, ensuring their high accessibility. Virtualization technologies make a basis of all modern cloud solutions - public, private and hybrid clouds. Efficiency in providing new computing resources in case of the capacity shortage is the main advantage of hybrid clouds. New services are deployed in the cloud provider offsetting the peak loads.

We are ready to provide services on design and construction of data processing center:

  • creation of data storage centers and processing of all data sizes, from small server rooms to large-scale projects
  • core auditing of the existing IT infrastructure and issue of recommendations for its improvement
  • supply and configuration of the state-of-the-art high-performance server hardware and data storage systems
  • installation and configuration of backup systems and data recovery
  • transfer of server infrastructure to virtualized environment
  • planning and deploying private and hybrid clouds
  • migrating services and applications in the cloud environment
  • installation of air conditioning and ventilation in server rooms, arranging for microclimate required for normal equipment functioning
  • providing uninterrupted power supply using high-tech equipment (UPSs, backup generators, fuel cells, etc.)
  • design and installation of gas fire suppression systems in DPC.