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Providing information security for workstations,
removable media and mobile devices

InfoWatch Endpoint Security Insight Edition

Protection focused on the most vulnerable infrastructure elements and business processes.

InfoWatch EndPoint Security Insight Edition follows the principle "first, understand the companys situation, then build a security". Insight analyzes the situation inside the company, while the functional modules of InfoWatch EndPoint Security ensure its protection.



INSIGHT MODULE is a module for in-company monitoring and diagnostics

Detects personnel misbehavior and corporate network weaknesses, generates clear reports that show what areas and processes need extra protection.

Critical information access control based on employee rights

InfoWatch EndPoint Security controls access to devices, ports, network interfaces, network directories, and cloud storages.

Information control during its copying, storing and using in cloud storages

InfoWatch EndPoint Security monitors all files sent by employees to Dropbox, SkyDrive, GoogleDrive, Yandex.Disk, or BoxSync, and manages such actions by prohibiting or allowing document uploads depending on specific data type and format.

Application launch control

InfoWatch EndPoint Security can be used to manage application launch and control personnel access to apps based on white (allowed) or black (denied) lists.

Data wiping

Administrator can configure scheduled permanent destruction of data in recycle bins and users temporary folders, as well as permit users to irrecoverably remove any files and folders on their own.

Data protection against theft in case of laptops or flash drives being lost

InfoWatch EndPoint Security offers simple and handy information protection using data encryption. With data encryption enabled, InfoWatch EndPoint Security can significantly enhance stored information security.

Mobile device management

InfoWatch EndPoint Security Insight Edition has the entire range of mobile device management (MDM) functions.


With the reports, you can view logs (where various events are recorded such as user right grant/change, external device use, computer activities, system status, and history of user operations with external devices) and even learn how computer power supply management can save money and reduce CO2 emission.


  • Insight module. In-company monitoring and diagnostics
  • Improved reporting. Straightforward and intuitive reports for both business and IT
  • Mobile Device Management. Centralized security control over mobile devices
  • Application audit. Automatic audit of applications run in working hours and generating a picture of the staff working day
  • Branch structure. Able to span a geographically distributed enterprise


  • Optimized personnel performance and better discipline
  • Tools to investigate the root causes of staff misconduct and discipline breach
  • Smarter hardware and software procurements and hiring extra IT personnel, owing to Green IT functionality as well
  • Identifying employees who look for a new job during working hours
  • Supervising and timely addressing lazy employees


  • Automatic control over following security rules and corporate data regulations by employees
  • Early alert in case of violation of Security Policies
  • Availability of detailed reports on work of individual employees and departments with saving shadow copies of files
  • Comprehensive picture of IT and IS situation in the company
  • Automation of information security rules and corporate data regulations
  • Minimal effort for product usage

FSTEC Certificate №3306 (only RU customers) от 23 декабря 2014 г. подтверждает соответствие InfoWatch EndPoint Security 4 уровню контроля отсутствия НДВ и дает возможность применять InfoWatch EndPoint Security в информационных системах персональных данных всех уровней защищенности, а также в государственных, финансовых, промышленных и других организациях, где требуются использование сертифицированного ПО.



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