Development of a number of communication tools (e-mails, instant messaging, telephony and video conferencing) led to a new class of collaborative interaction services (Unified Communications). The idea of "Presence Server" has formed the basis of a new concept of the communication, indicating the availability of a subscriber and providing for the convenient communication method with the subscriber from any user equipment, stationary or mobile. Making use of these technologies a large number of organizations increased performance efficiency of the employees and reduced costs of communications.

AIM SYSTEMS has gained vast experience in design, deployment and support of the unified communications. We offer the following solutions

  • design and deployment of IP TEL tools and systems
  • design and deployment of video conferencing
  • integration of the unified communications to existing network infrastructure
  • auditing of existing systems of the unified communications, development of recommendations on performance improvement and security
  • technical support and outsourcing of the unified communication systems administration